Understand the CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or just CS:GO, is the typical “cop and thief” game where two teams with 5 people each face each other.

Understand the CS:GO

The game is distributed by rounds and each round is worth one point on the total score. The games are in a best of 30 rounds, where who does 16 wins. In the event of a draw, an overtime is played, with a best of 6 rounds, where whoever makes 4 wins. If the overtime also ends tied, another is played and this extends until we have a winner.

More about the game

Overall, the whole game revolves around the economy, after all, you need money to buy your weapons and equipments.

All players start the first round with $800, which is enough to buy a kevlar vest, pistols or some grenades and utilities to use, this is called round pistol.

From there it basically works like this:

  • The team that wins the round all team players earn $3400;
  • The losing team wins $1400 and with each new round lost in sequence, that value increases by +$500.

A good equipment to face the opponent comes out around $5000 and makes all the difference in the game.

Strategies and maps

In addition to the aim factor, in CS:GO, having good strategies is essential and also makes all the difference to winning a game.

Understand the CS:GO

Each game is played on a map to be defined by the teams, currently we have 8 main maps that are played in championships (Cache, Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Train and Vertigo).

Maps are the scenario where each confrontation will occur, each map values ​​one more type of team, some are good for teams with a good aim, some are highly strategic, and so on.

Every team has its preferred maps, where it has a greater range of strategies and they are better. It is extremely important to know this when making a bet.

Competitive scene

The competitive scene of CS:GO today is highly professional, counting on championships with more than $ 1.000.000 in awards and a very large volume of events weekly. The rise is incredible.

In championships matches are played in series best of X maps, which can be best of 1, best of 2, best of 3 or best of 5 maps.

News about the teams, championships, games and livescores you can find on HLTV.org, a free tool indispensable for any bettor in eSports.