We provide an API with our data for developers and companies. Each API is customized and tailored to customer needs.

Prices vary based on the amount of data that will be implemented in the API, so please let us know what your needs are all by completing the form below.

Available Stats (Only CS:GO)

  • Match ID;
  • Date;
  • Best Of;
  • Team 1 and Team 2 (Name and ID);
  • Lineup 1 and Lineup 2 (Players names and ID);
  • Team 1, Team 2 and Favorite Team Probabilities (Including individual probabilities of maps in series);
  • Score 1, Score 2 and Sum of the Scores (Including individual scores of maps in series);
  • Score Advantage;
  • Result;
  • Winner;
  • Map;
  • Event;
  • Match Type (Online or Lan);
  • Team 1 and Team 2 Start Sides;
  • Team 1 and Team 2 Sides Score;
  • Team 1 and Team 2 HLTV Ranks;
  • Match Level.
  • Past matches and future matches.

The prices ​​start at: $49.90 /monthly